Hello beautiful people. I'm Laurel Olotoa

PNW Native & Award Winning Fine Art Photographer 

Originally from King county area, I grew up crabbing, boating, climbing trees, playing video games with my brothers & traveling with my family. I've always been a bit of a daredevil and dangerous from a young age and I never truly enjoyed school very early on. Jumping from private school to public schools and then changing districts many times, it was hard to make friends especially when introverted & shy. I soon found my confidence in creating art. Whether that be painting, ceramics, creative writing, photography, or music. I excelled at many forms of creative expression. Though, my music roots run deep, and artists and entertainers are what make up so much of my family, That “pedigree” led me to constantly compare myself to them for years and in turn added many years of self doubt.

For many years, I explored my artistry in makeup but, quickly found that it was more of a hobby. Now married and back home from Florida living. I found myself, as many women do, supporting their husbands dreams while staying home with kiddos. I was too that wife, and a mom of two beautiful daughters. I found myself at home with no real outlet to be creative. I found that I was losing myself and draining the time in which I had to invest in my own personal growth, goals and wanting to succeed at more then being a great mother. I needed to create again! Throughout the years I never stopped creating music, it will always be my therapy. I even picked up painting again and started insisting on traveling as much as possible to just FEEL inspired. Doing pretty much whatever I could, to fill that void but, really only bandaging it.

​I had remembered sitting on the beach in Hawaii, (I know, not a bad spot huh?!) & I was creating and picturing a very editorial photoshoot in my head. (Set Mood: It's golden hour, the sun is setting, the skies colors are pinks and purples, the sunset is reflecting off the water, a women is laying over a palm tree that is overhanging the ocean, she has long messy wavy hair and is wearing a orange chiffon dress that drapes over the palm tree, she begins to touch the water with her fingers, all while, staring in awe of the color above her.) I thought to myself "I wish I could do this!? Take this picture in my head." but, one thing i’ve never been great at is drawing, so that was out of the picture.. Though, this entire idea that I could create and execute a concept I had and capture that idea. Well, it stuck with me.

That FEEL, that MOOD, that STORY, I could tell through ONE Photo!

That's what I wanted to do.

That was my inspiration and my motivation to start photography. Very soon after, I took the leap and invested in myself. Something I hadn't done in over 10 years! Now as a professional photographer, I constantly find new inspiration in locations that inspire my next concepts. Whether that be my next travel destination, the architecture, a painting, new or old fashion, a makeup product, or the daily life and sun light of the PNW. Every session I do, I create a concept, a feel, & a mood.

So what are you waiting for!?

Book with me and be my next inspiration!